Springride Shredtex


You need a rubber surface perfect for dressage & jumping, a surface that stays on top?

For peace of mind buy Springride Shredtex 2

Springride Shredtex 2 is rubber backed with textile which helps retain moisture and provides a beautifully soft but secure footing.  Finishing your surface with Shredtex 2 immediately provides you with a remarkably cushioned, durable all-weather surface.

Shredtex 2 was trialled for 18 months and works because it's unique composition provides a non slip, cushioning, tracking resistant, very low maintenance surface.
Developed with excellence in mind, Shredtex© also helps trap moisture in hot dry months thereby reducing dust levels, but aiding drainage during wet spells. The risk of freezing is also greatly reduced.

Because of the time and effort put into the development, Shredtex almost eliminates tracking and kickback and therefore greatly reduces maintenance.

Plus... the shock absorbing or cushioning effect means there is less strain on your equines back and legs. He will find work more enjoyable - and so will you.

shred-closeup  How much do I need? 

Springride Shredtex© 2 is delivered in easy to handle bulk bags to lay at your convenience.

  • 20m x 20m = 8 bags +
  • 20m x 40m = 20 bags +
  • 20m x 60m = 26 bags +


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