Springride Chip


For an arena you can use all year round, whatever the weather?

Discover the benefits of Springride Chip!

A tested, economic and very efficient, dual action Premium Rubber Surface. Adding a 2” covering to your sand will immediately relieve deadness and improve sand condition.  This is because our Premium Chip, although screened at 25mm, contains a variety of sizes. The greater percentage of rubber will stay on top (depending on sand quality) providing an all weather, anti-freezing, anti-pooling, low maintenance cushioned surface. The smaller chippings blend into sand, thereby immediately aiding drainage, relieving deadness and reducing concussion. This unique, dual action, tried and tested product provides a cushioned ride whilst eliminating surface water and preventing freezing.

Our Springride Chip is produced from the highest quality rubber and fibre composites using the latest technology. We take a great deal of care in the production of Springride Chip and believe it is the best tyre chip product available today.

chip-closeup  How much do I need? 

SPRINGCHIP is delivered in 1 tonne bags to lay at your convenience.


  • 20m x 20m = 10 tonnes +
  • 20m x 40m = 20 tonnes +
  • 20m x 60m = 30 tonnes +

Whilst this is our recommendation we are happy to supply any quantity from 750kg bags upwards, ideal for top ups, lunge rings or horse walkers.

Visit our FAQs page for the Springride Chip application guide.

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